What readers have said about "Standing On One Leg"  -

"You have a gift for writing and I was beyond tickled when I read the first few pages. I so enjoyed the insights into your past and your thinking and perceptions..."

Anne Rambo

"Once I started this book, I was unable to put it down. It's an amazing story of complicated family relations and mysteries, that send you on a quest to know who you are by knowing who you came from."

Susan Daley

"The book is wonderful, sad, and incredibly insightful. I devoured it. I am sure I will be reading it a second time, marking those philosophical lines regarding relationships, memories and family."

Allison Dubois

"The author's journey is a compelling story and evokes memories of everyone's past. The book is a must read for everyone that has questioned family background and it's influence on the next generation."

Judith T. Kaye

"The First time Jesus Winked at Me" a spiritual novel

M. Sophie Schneider's second novel Coming out early 2017

M. Sophie began writing The First Time Jesus Winked at Me about a year ago. The novel is an exploration of how ordinary moments in life can become extraordinary blessings and move us to a place that the author, Mark Nepo describes as our inch of light-that place where we grow into grace and our souls shine. Halfway through the writing, M. Sophie was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma, an aggressive breast cancer that had quickly taken residence in her lymph nodes. She named the invasive mass Millie. Overtime, Millie would have much to teach her.

Excerpt from The First Time Jesus Winked At Me:

Life doesn’t have to be a series of big things.  It is the little things we do day by day that sparkle and shine.  This is how we stand in our inch of light, every moment being an opportunity to shine.
We need to love more perfectly.  I have been stingy in the past with my love, holding it so tightly to my chest it was hard to breathe.  It was not something easily shared in the family that was mine.  For reasons all our own intimacy was a painful thing, sharp and jagged.  And then one day, my mother and I found ourselves riding in my little red Volkswagen.  The top was down but she didn’t care that her fine gray hair was blowing in the wind.  She had cancer.  Keeping my gaze on the road ahead I asked why she had never left my father.
“Mommy,” I had said so softly I wasn’t sure she had heard, “why did you stay?”  I counted three breaths when I felt her finger touch the edge of my thigh.
Roberta Grimes, in her book, Liberating Jesus, states that we need to love and forgive so perfectly that we never again look at a human face without seeing the divine.



In her debut novel, Standing on One Leg, M. Sophie Schneider leads us by the hand, from room to room, page by page as she examines the nature of intimacy and the consequences of choice. 

Standing on One Leg is a story of heartbreak and hope that reveals one woman's journey to the realization that change happens only if she is willing to look at everything in a different way.